Payment Plans

Web Dev camp offers different payment plans for the course, with different degrees of flexibility.
All plans include accommodation and full board.


  • 100% Prepayment
    No Cancellation
  • Student must pay first 2 weeks to accept placement on the course. Final payment is due before the course starts.
  • Cancellation is only possible if there is a serious reason. *
    * injury, disease, death of relative


  • 100% Prepayment
    Easy Cancellation
  • Payment rules as for the standard plan apply.
  • Cancellation is possible at any time and any outstanding whole weeks will be refunded. No reason need be given, the student is free to choose to stop anytime.

Super Flex

  • 3 installments
    Easy Cancellation
  • Payment for each 3 weeks is due before the next 3 weeks start.
  • As with the flex plan, the student may stop anytime. Whole paid weeks will be refunded.