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When I started to teach myself code, the journey to becoming a junior developer seemed impossibly long and hard. Graduating from Web Dev Camp, I feel as though I have the tools and understanding I need to go on to achieve this goal and I am amazed at how far I have come.

Alice Dee former Engineer

WebDev Camp is obviously very different from university teaching methods. Firstly, we worked straight away on a 'real' solution. There was no 'faffing about'. Secondly, the feedback loop is much quicker as Torsten is always present to answer question when we are too stuck.

Patricia Buchner Santos Computer Science graduate

Small groups, relaxed atmosphere

optimal learning conditions


The whole experience of has been an intensive and empowering learning journey for me, and not just with regard to my new skills. Yes, I now think of myself as a developer, and the dream is a reality because I now know I CAN code.

Zita Székely former Tester

Before I started the Web Dev Camp course, a junior developer title seemed like something unapproachable. Now, after graduation I know that I am one already!

Ioana Rosu former Legal adviser

Relax in the nature

and be recharged

Web Dev Camp's teacher's have decades of experience and started the camp in an endeavor to increase diversity in tech.


Torsten Ruger

Course Director
20 years of web development

Sherif Abushadi

20 years of teaching

Raisa Kaipainen

Camp director
20 years of running courses

Food & Accommodation included

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