Oppertunities for companies

Companies may struggle to find talent, especially diverse talent, or end up paying a lot for developer training.

Developer sourcing

Web development is an area that grows so fast that there seems to be a constant need for developers. Many companies have difficulties recruiting as fast as they wish to grow.
An ideal new employee could start being productive right away. But web development is not construction and so even experienced developers have to be brought up to speed, taught the company’s unique stack of technical solutions.
As an initial training seems inevitable companies have realized that younger developers can be useful for a variety of tasks. Since they have to be trained anyway, that main requirement is a basic set of knowledge. Web Dev Camp teaches exactly that set of basic skills so that graduates become productive in basic tasks very quickly.
Companies that have realizes the usefulness of this approach can sponsor Web Dev Camp and receive up to the minute trained young professionals.

Developer training

Companies that have web or programming expertise may use Web Dev Camp as a training camp for their developers.
Anyone who has ever taught can attest to the fact that you don't really know a subject until you have taught it. Only when we are bombarded with the strange question that only a beginner can have, and have to explain the subject not only in our own words, but in the words of the student, do we really make the step from thinking we know, to knowing.
Companies who realize the benefit of this may partner with Web Dev Camp for a regular teacher exchange.


The size and importance of web projects means that it companies need to have web development experience in house.

Instead of outsourcing the whole process, it is better to have some expertise in house. This may range from a single technical advisor to building a small team that participate in the initial construction and then performs maintenance.
Often it can be easier to teach an existing domain expert the technical knowledge, than to teach an outside technical person the domain. Also, this leaves the company with more knowledge in house, vs having to spend time to teach an outsider only to have both that and the technical knowledge vanish after the project is completed.

Project mockups

Companies often create a mockup before embarking on the real project. For example to establish technical feasibility , usability and more often also for requirement gathering.
Doing web application mockups can be prohibitively expensive, especially for smaller companies or departments. Web Dev Students can create mockups, especially in their final weeks.
The approach is especially constructive if a representative of the company is on the course, either as a teacher, or student.