Family and Webdev Camp are my best sources of support

Sometimes you have to let things go so there’s room for better things to come into your life - Adrian Body

Zita Szekely was having a full-time job as a software tester. She has been doing it for 15 years and she loved her job. However, as the market demand for software testers declined, she became stressful because of the un . . . .Read whole post

The Distraction Free Path to Becoming a Professional Programmer

2017: The year you decided to spring into action and finally make that leap of courage into the alluring and seemingly magical world of coding.

Even though you may feel like you’re getting a bit of a late start out of the gate, the tech revolution is only gaining . . . .Read whole post

I came to learn programming but ended up learning about life

If you have a good idea, then it's never too late to start something new because no matter what your age is, there's always room for the next big thing.

Ioana Rosu, a former legal advisor and police officer, started learning to become a junior web developer at the age of 31. By writing her story in this blog post, we hope her story wou . . . .Read whole post